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Peak Physique Hot Yoga Dapto is a friendly, caring and inclusive practice, offering a wide range of Hot Yoga classes. The studio is situated at Level 1, 12 Bong Bong Road, Dapto – near the Dapto Leagues Club.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Dapto, we’re advocates of the Hot Yoga lifestyle and its amazing health benefits. We teach many styles of Hot Yoga, including Hot Blend, Hot Vinyasa, Hot 26, Hot Power and Warm Variation. We cater for adults, kids and families, and for people seeking to meditate or simply chill out. We’ll also be offering pre and post-natal classes for mums and mums-to-be in the near future.

Jemma, the studio’s primary teacher, is very supportive of students seeking to find the balance in their lives. She has a passion for sharing the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of Hot Yoga with the broader community. Jemma and team are all beneficiaries and advocates of the Hot Yoga lifestyle.

The classes at Peak Physique Hot Yoga Dapto are designed to stretch and tone the body, providing both physical and mental health benefits. Holistic long-term benefits include weight loss, skin improvement, stronger muscles, headache relief, increased energy levels, help with anxiety, balanced blood sugar levels and improved self-esteem.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Dapto, we offer an enjoyable beginner’s course, which is an entry point into the yoga world. Our brand promise and philosophy is to ensure that you leave inspired after every visit. We want you to let your hair down, relax, take time away from home, and feel the abundance of love within our family sanctuary.

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